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SEO is not a magic trick, is long term professional process with proven methodology.


SEO is not a magic trick, is long term professional process with proven methodology. Empty SEO is not a magic trick, is long term professional process with proven methodology.

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Over the past years, we adopted these seven (7) essential SEO process and methodology to help our clients to obtained top rankings in the search engines through our Singapore SEO services. The following is overview of our website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process:

Keywords Research
Competitors Analysis
Website Analysis
On-Site Optimization
Content Creation and Suggestion
Off-Site Optimization
SEO Statistics Report and Maintenance

1. Keywords Research

A successful SEO begins with keyword research. This is an essential process to help identify the best possible keywords to target for reaching the potential customers. We will conduct an extensive study on what people are searching on the search engines for your products or services. Recommend primary and related keywords based on your business niche and keywords popularity and search frequency. Usually we will propose the keywords/search terms that has better KEI (Key Effectiveness Index). For instance, keywords with high search volume and less competitive. Or the long tail keywords that can achieve better conversion.

2. Competitors Analysis

Studying your competitors' website on search engine results and analysing the keywords they are targeting and how they optimizing for their websites. We will then come out with the best approach and strategies to move your site above your competitors in the search engines.

3. Website Analysis

Analysing the website for its search engine friendliness such as search engine incompatibilities and errors, HTML coding compatibilities, navigation, link structure, keywords density and positioning.

4. On-Site Optimization

On-site search engine optimization techniques are the actions take inside your website. After the website analysis, we will optimize the website using ethical and proven SEO techniques, using approved SEO standards set by the search engines such as Google. We will enhance the website HTML coding that compliance with (W3C Web Standards), fixing your website search engine incompatibilities and errors, applying right meta tags, adjusting keywords density and positioning, internal link structure, improve website navigation structure and URLs.

5. Content Creation and Suggestion

We will make necessary adjustments to the existing content or creation of new SEO-friendly content on your website. This include improvement of content relevance base on targeted keywords. Suggestion and creation of relevance articles about your business, products or services to post on external websites and social media websites.

6. Off-Site Optimization

Off-site search engine optimization techniques are the actions take outside of your website to help to increase your search engine ranking. This include improvement of content and links popularity. Off-site optimization of your website are important part of getting your site ranked well in the search engines. We will adopt link building strategies to recruit more quality backlinks to your website from various reliable sources such as articles, directories, online PR, blogs, forums, online communities and social media sites. Off-site optimization is an ongoing process that must be done continually to stay on top ranking and ahead of the competition.

7. SEO Statistics Report and Maintenance

We will provide website ranking reports to track the monthly status of your site perform with the targeted keywords in the search engines and monitoring of visitors/pageview statistics by using integrated Google Analytics. Paying close attention to where the potential traffic is coming from and which long tail keywords people use to find your website. Base on the stats we will improve your website SEO with more other better niche keywords.

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